London inspires GB Age-Group Team to 30 gold, 31 silver and 22 bronze medals

ITU Grand Final 2013 British Age-groupers

The British Age-Group Team did fantastically on home soil (Photo: British Triathlon)

The Great Britain Age-Group Team capitalised on home advantage to win a phenomenal 30 gold, 31 sliver and 22 bronze in the ITU Age-Group World Championships this week as part of the PruHealth World Triathlon Grand Final London in Hyde Park.

Already the most successful year ever for British Age-Group teams competing around the world, this year’s World Championship team clearly enjoyed the Olympic legacy effect of racing at the London 2012 venue.

Today, the sun finally shone for the standard distance races but the cool water and air temperatures dictated that the swim be shortened to 750m in line with ITU safety standards.

More than 450 British athletes competed on arguably one of the most iconic standard distance age-group courses ever created. Athletes raced past Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and along the Embankment; adding eight gold, nine silver and ten bronze medals to the team medal tally.

The first British athlete across the finish line was Sam Wade (20-24) who won gold in his category and enjoyed the course commenting: “The bike was great, it was nice and flat. The run was lovely and you could really get speed going along the stretches – the support was incredible. Around the Serpentine, especially at the top end where I was standing last year and cheering them [Team GB] on it was just crowds all around that corner, really giving us a good cheer, it was incredible.”

Ellen Greaves (25-29) added: “I loved it, it was beautiful. We have loads of people down from the club, loads of family, loads of friends all cheering, all the way round; everyone else was shouting ‘GB’ – it was an amazing experience.”

Emma was also joined by her mum Sarah Greaves who was racing in the 55-59 age-group, adding: “My mum is competing today, I think we may be the only mother, daughter combination. I am so proud of her; she is the one who introduced me to triathlon.”

Former Scottish Rugby Union international, Erin Kerr (30-34) was also in action in her debut year in the sport. Erin commented: “This is my first time representing GB; my first year in triathlon. I used to play rugby for Scotland and went to watch my best friend do an Ironman and I had just retired and thought I could give this a go. I couldn’t believe the support around the course, it was incredible, it really kept you going.”

The standard distance races rounded off an ITU Age-Group World Championships to remember for the Great Britain Age-Group Team as athletes had the once in a lifetime opportunity to compete on home soil in front of friends and family, which ensured all the athletes had fantastic support on every day of competition.

Malcolm Westwood, British Triathlon Director for Age-Group Teams added: “It’s been a fantastic event here in Hyde Park for the Great Britain Age-Group Team, each of the teams have delivered so much medal-winning success, and every athlete should be proud of their achievements. I hope that the performances of our athletes will inspire even more triathletes and newcomers to the sport to take up the Great Britain Age-Group Team challenge.”

Great Britain Age-Group Team Medallists – Aquathlon

Gold x10
Emma Holt (25-29)
Johanna Gascoigne Owens (30-34)
Caroline Jones (35-39)
Gordon Crawford (45-49)
Annie Wilson (50-54)
Mike Trees (50-54)
Jane Bell (55-59)
Kevin Partridge (55-59)
Kevin Chesham (60-64)
Peggy Crome (70-74)

Silver x10
Robert Lightowler (16-19)
Katherine De Rome (20-24)
Becki Newham (25-29)
David Bartlett (25-29)
Sarah Lewis (30-34)
Stephanie Maclean Dann (35-39)
Paul Savage (35-39)
Clare Elms (50-54)
Ron Evans (55-59)
Julia Hector (60-64)

Bronze x7
Lauren York (16-19)
Claire Hann (30-34)
Danny Russell (30-34)
Amy Pritchard (35-39)
Jane Hansom (40-44)
Bud Johnson (55-59)
Michael Smallwood (65-69)

Great Britain Age-Group Team Medallists – Sprint Distance

Gold x12
Lucy Smith (20-24)
Emma Holt (25-29)
Alice Hector (30-34)
Trish Deykin (35-39)
Claire Hitchings (40-44)
Clare Elms (50-54)
Joyce Marks (55-59)
Carol Killick (70-74)
Nick Dunn (30-35)
Andy Tarry (40-44)
Steve McKeown (45-49)
Robert Novis (60-64)

Silver x12
Grace France (25-29)
Elizabeth Bullivent (35-39)
Tanya Brightwell (40-44)
Jacqui Phillips (45-49)
Juliet Vickery (50-54)
Julia Hector (60-64)
Peggy Chrome (70-74)
Mark Ansty (75-79)
Chris Stewart (35-39)
Matt Clarkson (40-44)
Kevin Chesham (60-64)
Roger Kierman (70-74)

Bronze x5
Elizabeth Burrows (30-34)
Suzanne Hedges (45-49)
Jane Bell (55-59)
Paul Ryman (30-34)
Mike Smallwood (65-69)

Great Britain Age-Group Team Medallists – Standard Distance

Gold x8
Charlotte Taylor (18-19)
Sam Wade (20-24)
Laura Siddall (30-34)
Parys Edwards (35-39)
Matt Ellis (35-39)
Chris Owens (60-64)
Sarah Barrett (65-69)
Dorothy Wagstaff (70-74)

Silver x9
Charlie Graham Brown (30-34)
Martin Ross (45-49)
Arnott Kidd (75-79)
Jenny Latham (25-29)
Claire Hann (30-35)
Helena Harrison (35-39)
Victoria Wilkinson (40-44)
Loretta Sollars (50-54)
Sue Bathgate (65-69)

Bronze x10
Jamie Hinton (25-29)
Danny Russell (30-34)
Iain Robertson (35-39)
Mark Whittaker (40-44)
Stuart Robinson (50-54)
Alan Woodcock (60-64)
Peter Norman (75-79)
Rebecca Ladyman (18-19)
Deborah Coyle (35-39)
Penny Rother (55-59)