With the Imagine Project, Islabikes are rethinking the way bicycles will be made and supplied in the future.

Ownership as we know it will become a thing of the past as Islabikes plan for their bicycles to be rented to the user, then when they are finished with they will be returned to the factory, refurbished and rented to another rider. This will prevent precious raw materials going into landfill.

The bikes will be built to last for much longer than they are now so that they can be rented for as long as possible. They will be designed so that when they finally reach the end of their lives all raw materials can be separated and reused. This is known as a “closed loop” or “circular” supply chain. Nothing will go into landfill.

Islabikes are currently developing a small range of sustainable bikes which will be manufactured in the UK. These will be “riding to school” bikes that will be available for customers to use on a rental-only basis.

At this stage availability is limited and Islabikes need a modest number of early adopters to play a crucial role in helping them to develop their product.

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