From July 6 to July 14, the ITU Multisport World Championships Festival lit up Fyn in spectacular fashion, as more than 3.000 athletes competed for World Champion status across five challenging disciplines in three stunning host cities.

When asked for an overall assessment of the ITU Multisport World Championships Festival, International Triathlon Federation President, Marisol Casado, concludes:

“A really intense nine days with sports at their finest. A big celebration for everybody to be really happy about at this magnificent event.”

The President of the Danish Triathlon Federation, Mads Freund, shares Mrs. Casado’s excitement:
“I’m not just proud of the event; I’m very proud of the event. I think, if you look at all the days that have come and gone, everything’s been done – in almost every instance – better than what was expected,” he says and elaborates:

“Firstly, the organization behind it all’s been working at peak performance. The volunteers; people from the cities, the organizational comities – they’ve all been at the ready, doing what they were supposed to from day one. Also, they’ve gone from doing a good job at the start of the festival to doing a phenomenal job at the end of it.”

Looking at it from a results-kind-of-view, we’ve also surpassed our own expectations: We got a World Champion in Andreas on the very first day, and we capped it all off with Helle on the long-distance discipline, on the final day of the festival. And in-between all that, we’ve captured a ton of medals and good results. Standing by the finish line, looking on as athletes crossed it, one’s eyes would come across a steady stream of happy faces. So I think that I can confidently say that the many guests who visited Odense or Fyn were very happy. Overall, the execution of the event has been world class, and when we finally go to bed tonight, we’ll do so as a very happy Federation.”

Jane Jegind, the Vice President of Sport Event Fyn, as well as being the Mayor of Sport, Culture and Urban Development in Odense:

“Having hosted the second edition of the Fynske Bank Multisport World Championships Festival does the entire island of Fyn proud. No less than 197 world champions have been crowned over the course of the last nine days, and we are happy that more than 3.000 athletes have had the experience of three unique destinations on Fyn in the company of family, friends and volunteers. The three host cities Odense, Middelfart and Svendborg put forth a wonderful combination of coastal scenery, urban atmosphere and a bike friendly environment which we believe will encourage many to come back as tourists.”

Lars Lundov, CEO, Sport Event Denmark, says: “Nine days, five world championships in three different host cities on one island; Fyn. This was the successful frame of the ITU MultiSport Festival here in Denmark. The festival concept has proven its worth as the festive celebration of triathlon played a major role in the event setup.”


Photo credit: ITU Media | Wagner Araujo