2012 Ironman 70.3 Age-Group World Champion, Nick Baldwin, joins the firefly ambassador team.

Nick Baldwin - Ironman World Championships Kona

Nick Baldwin’s first pro race was in South Africa, where he came 11th in a strong field

Nick Baldwin, 2012 Ironman 70.3 Age-Group World Champion, today joins the firefly ambassador team. Looking to excel in Ironman events, with the ultimate ambition of winning the Ironman World Championships and Ironman 70.3 World Championships, Nick is always seeking competitive advantage over his peers.

As a professional triathlete training over 30 hours per week, optimising Nick’s recovery in between workouts is every bit as important as the training itself.  Nick says: “Athletes in all sports can attest to the importance of recovery; I’m always looking for that added advantage over my competition, and with firefly I’ve found it.”

Capable of reducing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) within 24 hours, the firefly device increases lower limb blood circulation for the accelerated removal of metabolic waste immediately after high-exertion exercise.

The size of a wrist-watch and worn behind the knee, the firefly device delivers painless electrical impulses to the common peroneal nerve to activate the muscle pumps of the lower leg that return blood towards the heart.

“The portability of firefly allows you to use the device almost anywhere, including during traveling, at home, in the office and even walking around.  Post-training and racing I’m able to quickly put on the device and relax, knowing that I’m maximising my recovery,” Nick adds.

Where other electro-stimulation devices can be cumbersome and difficult to set-up, the self-contained firefly device, with no wires or leads, provides simplicity and a design that is both sleek truly unique.  Nick continues: “firefly has quickly become a key part of my recovery regime, ensuring that I’m ready for the next day’s training.”

Nick has a wealth of qualifications and awards to his name. These include:

  • International Diploma in Advanced Personal Training
  • 2012 Triathlete of the Year, as voted by Beyond Going Long readers
  • Shortlisted as Male Age Group Triathlete of the Year in 220 Triathlon Awards
  • 2012 Ironman World Championships, Hawaii, Age Group placing 2nd (overall 40th)
  • 2012 Ironman 70.3 World Championships, Vegas, Age Group placing 1st  (overall 35th)

For more information please visit www.nick-baldwin.com

The firefly device will be available to purchase online 01 July at www.fireflyrecovery.com

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