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Orbea announce the formation of the Orbea-Orca Triathlon Team.

Orbea Orca Triathlon TeamOrbea, who have recently become owners of Orca, said in a press release:

“Orbea is happy to announce a partnership with Orca in forming the Orbea-Orca Triathlon Team. With the goal of continued global growth for both brands, the team is composed of talented athletes from around the world. The main goal for the team will always be successes and race wins for our athletes, as Andrew Starykowicz achieved when he set a new Ironman distance world record on the new Orbea Ordu with his time of 4:04:39. The Orbea-Orca Triathlon Team project will support professional athletes as well as team of talented global athletes. This will mean brand involvement and support for the best young athletes in both long and short distance events.”

Athletes racing in the Orbea–Orca Triathlon Team

  • Pro Athletes: Andrew Starykowicz (US), Manny Huerta (US), Matt Sharp (UK), Courtney Atkinson (AUS), Ariane Monticeli (BRA), Asa Lundström (SWE), Jenny Schulz (GER), Michael Poole (NZ), Jeff Symonds (CAN).
  • Talented Global Athletes: Albert Moreno (SP), Sky Draper (UK), Tamara Gomez (SP), Miriam Casillas (SP), Xisca Tous (SP), Judit Saizar (SP), Melina Alonso (SP), Camila Alonso (SP), Claudia Abreu (US).

“With Orca we can guarantee to deliver the best products for triathlon, not just in the bike leg, where we were already the fastest, but in the swim and run as well,” stated Ander Olariaga, Marketing Manager from Orbea.

“This team is a long term project that should result in us being on the first row of the pro races and also closely involved in supporting talented local athletes to be globally successful athletes. We want to work to ensure that athletes grow with us,” stated Raúl Casañas, Marketing Manager for Orca and in charge of the Orbea-Orca Triathlon Team.

“We’re excited to support and create a team of some of the most talented triathletes from around the world. This is a perfect fit for us as we’re able to fully support the synergy between Orbea bicycles and Orca wetsuits and triathlon apparel. Having a globally diverse team of strong triathletes, properly mirrors Orbea and Orca’s strength as global brands,” stated Suzanne Karklins, US Brand Manager for Orca.