The Ironman World Championship will take place 13th of October on Kailua-Kona, Hawaii and is the pinnacle for triathletes around the world.

It turns out Tim’s unwavering determination and grit has paid off and we can look forward to seeing him toe the line in Kona.

It was last October that Tim Don got hit by a truck whilst doing a final ride in Kona. Tim suffered a C2 vertebrae fracture at the top of his spine, being fitted in a metal halo brace which he had to endure for six weeks. “It was like facing the dentist’s drill, but 100 times worse,” Tim says. Thankfully, this accident did not call for surgery, but it still meant putting a halt to his training plans for the upcoming triathlon season due to the halo being screwed into his skull.

Only three weeks into his determined recovery, Tim made it his mission to be on the starting line of Kona to race. He patiently regained mobility through minor exercises at the gym and intensive rehab. “It was good to get back to training but it was also mentally hard as well as I wanted to do more but just couldn’t,” said the world triathlon champion.

Tim’s first comeback race was the Boston Marathon with a targeting finish time of 2:50. He finished in a fantastic 2:49, which is even more impressive given the bad weather conditions.

Following his success in the Boston Marathon, Tim competed in the 70.3 Costa Rica Triathlon finishing in a time of 3:49:59, taking first place and Ironman Hamburg.

Ironman Hamburg was initially planned as his only shot for Kona qualification. With a fourth place or higher, he would have secured an automatic qualification. A fierce battle saw Tim in contention for fourth place until the middle of the run leg, when he began to fade. Post-Hamburg, he decided to sign up to Copenhagen as one final opportunity to qualify for Kona.

Tim said, “The road to recovery is rarely linear, the last 10 months have been all about perseverance. To get the first roll down spot was not in my vision, but life is funny like that. See you all in Kona!”