The Tour de Zwift returns JANUARY 10 – FEBRUARY 13

Run or ride the Tour de Zwift, this is a great way for Triathletes to get some added motivation especially on a wet or cold day where it may not be safe to ride outdoors, but you still need to nail that long run or ride. Tour de Zwift features eight stages with multiple routes to roam in each. With so many ways to explore, Join fellow triathletes for can’t-miss events, badge hunts, and exclusive Tour unlocks.

For more information on the tour you can head to Zwift and get the full details here:

Prior to the 10th Jan Start, you will find some warm-up events in the companion app to join in.

If fitness benefits are not enough for you and the route bagging options, for those of you who complete enough of the Tour you will unlock the exclusive kit for your garage.

See you in Watopia