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Triathlon Industry Association launches its third annual athlete survey and is offering £6,000 worth of prize gear for respondents!

The  survey is to help the sport’s key stakeholders gather new and deeper insights about Britain’s growing triathlon community in this pre-Olympic year. Conducted throughout the off-season, the project will seek to collect over 5,000 survey responses to provide an authoritative and insightful report into Britain’s active triathlete population, and underpin the sport’s continued commercial growth.

Clubbing together, the industry has created a pool of prizes to incentivise responses, including over 80 individual prizes. The prize pot is currently valued at £6,000 and is growing everyday.

Up for grabs are:

  • wetsuit
  • swim lessons
  • event/show entries
  • signed memorabilia
  • magazine subscriptions

All can be viewed at: http://tinyurl.com/oq58xlz.

The Triathlon Industry Association, which comprises event organisers, equipment manufacturers, tour operators, retailers, distributors, and media, will be working in conjunction with the sport’s governing body, the British Triathlon Federation to pool data for a comprehensive approach.

The TIA study will provide a detailed insight into:

  • Participation: ranging from when people started the sport to how active they are now
  • Expenditure: what, where and when people are buying and how much they spend
  • Demographic data: who are Britain’s triathletes and what else do they do?
  • Segmentation: comparing non-triathletes, starter triathletes, lifestyle athletes & the devoted

The results from the study will be used by the members of the Triathlon Industry Association and British Triathlon Federation to help grow and shape the business side of the sport that helps fuel growth, participation and performance.

To participate in the Triathlon Industry athlete survey and be in with a chance to win one of the fantastic prizes visit: https://www.research.net/s/UK_multisport_survey_2014