Star Production, the company behind the new TriStar 111 race series, has joined forces with Pacific Sports LLC to take their hugely successful European race formula to the US next season.

Star Production have brought forward their plans to bring the new-distance events to the States, where the popularity of Ironman 70.3 TriStar 111 Monaco triathlonraces suggests they’ll be welcomed. Their ambitions don’t end there, either – the company aims to extend the series to 30 worldwide events over the next five years.

TriStar’s new format (1km swim/100km bike/10km for 111 and double for 222) has been welcomed by many who felt the sport was ready for a new style of racing – one which favours strong cyclists more than ITU draft-legal racing or even Ironman events. Stunning locations in Monaco, Estonia, Germany and Sardinia and strong pro fields have helped the success of the series. The race organisers say their emphasis is on “fun, environmental protection and social responsbility” and they work closely with Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong foundation as well as local charities at each event.

“Having raced everywhere in the world over 17 years as a professional triathlete, I have found that the common theme among all triathletes is the desire for a challenge in a safe and well-organised environment,” said recent Ironman World Championships winner Chris McCormack, a member of the TriStar development team. “European races have always continued to present new formats and new challenges and TriStar has created a series of events that have exploded in popularity in Europe. The USA is the birthplace of our sport. They deserve TriStar!”

Phil Graves, winner of this year’s TriStar Estonia, told “I really enjoyed doing the Tristar 111 Estonia in August and I hope to do some of these races next year. Personally, I love that style of racing and it is going to be huge in the USA where every triathlete loves his or her bike! I can see it reaching thousands of people in America where every 70.3 has 3,000 participants. Now people have an alternative to the WTC brand [Ironman and 70.3 races]!”

The first TriStar venues in the US have yet to be confirmed, but you can register for updates at