TRITON World Series is a worldwide circuit of long-distance multi-sport races, focusing on the three elements of a traditional triathlon; swim, bike and run.

Each race will take place in an idyllic setting, over three days, one for each of the three sports. Unlike a traditional triathlon, the respective times of each segment are added together at the end of the race to provide each athlete with a TRITON World Series ranking.

TRITON World Series aims to alter the triathlon and create an even more thrilling experience for professional athletes and those considering an introduction into the sport, showcasing the hidden depths of exciting new destinations around the world and offering them the opportunity to compete in a unique new format, with the opportunity to select their own distances for each leg of the race.

The professionals will kick-start the race by taking part in the swim and bike segments and on the final day will race the run leg, starting with the time difference of the previous two swim and bike races, making for an exhilarating contest – for both the participants and those cheering them on – with the opportunity to win big cash prices for 1st – 5th places.

Spectators are encouraged to attend each event and see the delights of each destination. Each of the TRITON disciplines take place in the most beautiful locations of each county, making it a great opportunity to travel, discover and interact with the athletes.

The first destination to host TRITON World Series is the beautiful Azores archipelago, Portugal, where participants will trail the oldest borders of Europe, view an exceptional range of landscapes and soak up its cultural heritage during their swim, bike and run.