Wahoo Fitness has just announced the integration of Strava Live Segments within its ELEMNT GPS cycling computer.


Strava is easily authenticated on the ELEMNT, by simply starring a segment on Strava.com. Then, whenever a starred segment is encountered on a ride, the ELEMNT will then bring up a dedicated Strava Live Segment page showing segment progress, distance remaining, as well as the segment’s full elevation profile.  Additionally, the Strava Live Segment page can be customized via the ELEMNT companion app to display other key metrics such as power and heart rate.


When riding a Strava Live Segment, the ELEMNT’s LEDs also lend a hand to riders searching for that KOM or personal best. The top row of LEDs indicate a rider’s progress within the segment, lighting up sequentially, while the side row of LEDs indicate the whether the rider is over or under the pace for the KOM, their personal best, or the pace of a pre-selected opponent.


The ELEMNT is also capable of tracking multiple Strava Live Segments simultaneously, as well as while following a route (with or without turn-by-turn cues), a feature unmatched by the competition.


When a rider enters the final 200m of a segment and is within 2 seconds of their target (KOM, personal best or opponent), a helpful ‘Final Push’ page takes over the display to alert and motivate the rider. Once the segment is completed, a segment history page allows riders to review all Strava Live Segments ridden up to that point in the ride, rather than having to wait until the ride is finished to see how they performed.


ELEMNT units will be updated with the new Strava Live Segments feature via an ‘over-the-air’ firmware update and riders will be able to install the firmware with the press of a button, either within the companion app or directly on the ELEMNT. An updated companion app is also available for download on both iOS and Android platforms.



The ELEMNT retails for £249.99 and is currently available for purchase at wahoofitness.com and authorized local dealers.