Wattbike today announced the launch of Power Cycling, a new concept in indoor group cycling for the health and fitness sector.

Power Cycling from Wattbike could make normal spinning classes a thing of the past

Power Cycling is the latest initiative in the new relationship between Wattbike and British Cycling. Every accredited instructor will become a British Cycling member and be at the forefront of improving cycling technique and increasing fitness through indoor cycling.

Offering a new approach to indoor group cycling, Power Cycling allows an individual to exercise in a group but at their own optimum fitness level, based on highly accurate real-time data on their power, heart rate and cadence, as opposed to traditional spinning where there is no differentiation between varying levels of fitness amongst participants.

Power Cycling also provides an opportunity for the broader population with an interest in fitness to engage with cycling in a safe and controlled environment, and the chance to become British Cycling Members and benefit from a range of offers and advice.

To support group Power Cycling sessions, Wattbike has developed a special Power Cycling software package that allows data from participating Wattbikes to be displayed on large screen displays in gyms.

Stewart Kellett, British Cycling Director of Recreation and Partnerships said: “‘We are constantly innovating in order to reach our target of getting one million more people into riding bikes by 2013. We’ve developed new activities and events from Sky Ride to women-only recreational rides. To continue to reach new people in new ways, we’re working with partners to make it as easy as possible to find a bike riding opportunity.”

“We believe an indoor cycling experience should be authentic and fun – as challenging and invigorating as getting out on the road. Wattbike gives new and regular cyclists a unique experience. Your riding position is natural and at the same time you are learning about your cycling technique, power output and pedalling effectiveness which you can apply in mountain, road or track cycling. And it’s also a fun way to improve your fitness in a social environment. Wattbike and indoor cycling is an important part of how we will reach 1m more cyclists, and have a lot of fun on the way.”

Ian Wilson, Managing Director of Wattbike said: “Power Cycling is set to revolutionise indoor group cycling.  With the backing of British Cycling we see Power Cycling as the ultimate solution for those wanting to stay fit and improve upon their cycling technique throughout the winter months.  The detailed feedback from the Wattbike, combined with our new Power Cycling software, is a compelling combination.”

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