With a certain big wedding taking place in the historic town of Windsor this weekend, the local community is feeling the love. But Windsor isn’t just popular with royal couples, as Josephine and Paul Perry’s story confirms.

WindsorTriathlete Josephine first got into the sport 14 years ago, when she signed up to a training day for newcomers hosted by her local triathlon club. During the session, she met a ‘geeky’ Australian guy, Paul. The two hit it off, and decided to sign up for the Royal Windsor Triathlon together as their first race.

They got engaged the following January.

“I joined my local triathlon club and bought a bike, thinking that I’d discover a new sport and get fitter – I never expected to find a husband!” laughs Josephine.

The triathlon couple have since travelled the world, racing in different countries and supporting each other with their fitness goals.

“The best thing about travelling and racing abroad with your partner is that they’re really keen to get out for a ride or a run together and explore the country,” says Josephine. “We’ve discovered lots of places through triathlon that you perhaps wouldn’t normally see on a tourist holiday.”

Josephine and Paul now have an 18 month old daughter together, Harriet, who attends triathlon events with them, and the family still return to Windsor every year to race.

“We have taken part in the Royal Windsor Triathlon every year since we met,” says Josephine, “apart from the year we got married in 2006. Some friends did leave our wedding early to go and do the race though, as we got married locally in Holland Park, and they didn’t want to miss out on the triathlon!”

Although they take it in turns to train and race now, whilst the other looks after their daughter, Josephine and Paul’s love of triathlon doesn’t appear to be diminishing.

“We love going to races and seeing familiar faces, and catching up with people,” says Josephine. “As well as introducing me to Paul, triathlon has given us a fantastic group of friends – it’s such a supportive community to be a part of. I’m looking forward to heading back to Windsor this year!”

The Royal Windsor Triathlon 2018 takes place on Sunday 17th June. The route takes in the sights of Windsor including passing Windsor Castle where Meghan and Harry will be tying the knot, and into Windsor Great Park along the Long Walk, where triathletes will get to run on ‘royal grounds’.

For more information and to sign up visit www.humanrace.co.uk/windsor-triathlon.