Zwift, the global online training and racing platform for cyclists, has today opened doors to the new Drop Shop, a virtual store that allows Zwifters to purchase new bikes and wheels from the likes of Specialized, Trek, Cervelo and ENVE for their in-game avatars.

Today is payday for all Zwifters! All Zwifters will receive a one time payout of Drops (Zwift’s new in-game credit) based on their current level of experience in the game. Drops have no real world value, and may only be acquired through riding on Zwift – you can’t buy or trade Drops, they must be earned. Drops are awarded based on a combination of miles, feet climbed, and calories burned while riding on Zwift.

Fear not, Zwift Levels remain. Zwifters will continue to ‘level up’ based on their total mileage in game. The rewards however, receive a makeover. From today, level unlocks will only include accessories to customise the appearance of your avatar – jerseys, helmets, glasses and shoes can all be unlocked by levelling up in game. Bikes and wheels must now be purchased in the Drop Shop, allowing Zwifters greater freedom over what equipment they choose to ride. Special unlocks, such as the coveted Concept Z1 bike however, will continue as challenge unlocks.