Sportviz’s Aquaviz Pro prescription open water swimming goggles tested, rated and reviewed.


Sportviz specialises in providing prescription sports eyewear and the Aquaviz goggles series is ideal for triathletes seeking help with sighting in the open water. The Pro goggles give a wide field of vision, even with the easy to fit prescription ‘Inzerts’ clipped inside, while the wide gasket is comfortable and watertight.

The chunky Aquaviz Pros aren’t as hydrodynamic as sleeker goggles, but in an open-water environment where good navigation is everything, they make sighting so much easier.

The broad face coverage is great for those who don’t like pressure on the eye sockets and also covers the forehead numb spot – aiding colder temperature swimming – but we’d like to see a more compact model. The inserts can also be clipped into the company’s sunglasses, adding value.


  • Overall: 4 out of 5
  • Price: £29.95 (goggles); £55 (inserts)
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