We put the new Adidas Energy Boost trainers through their paces.

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Adidas’ new Boost cushioning uses pressure-fused polyurethane capsules to create a bouncy midsole that’s designed to absorb energy on foot strike and return it during toe-off.

The Energy Boosts feel immediately springy, helping you to adopt a strong, upright posture and powerful knee drive.

When heel striking, there’s a sense of sinking a little on each impact, the shoes making you push through this phase before rolling across the midfoot and toes.

The transition from the fairly high, squashy heel to the thinner toe area also takes some getting used to, with the shoe making you run to its design rather than supporting your natural foot cycle. Midfoot running feels encumbered by the heel and surprisingly harsh.

Fit is definitely small (we went one size bigger) and while the neoprene upper is comfy, it’s a little too stretchy, allowing more foot movement than usual. We couldn’t shake pain in the arches after
every run, regardless of the terrain, intensity or duration.



  • Overall: 3 out of 5

Pros: The Energy Boosts help you to adopt a strong, upright posture

Cons: Midfoot running is surprisingly harsh.

  • Price: £110
  • Contact: adidas.com/adidas.co.uk
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