The Predator Flex Polarized Ultra Swimming Goggles feature polarized lenses to not only reduce glare but also cut out blue light making them ideal for high level light conditions and direct sunshine. By repelling blue light these goggles amplify light in darker overcast conditions, therefore providing enhanced visual sharpness and improved depth perception. The Predator Flex frame boasts 4 Flexpoint Technology™ for enhanced frame flexibility, combined with a durable split-yoke silicone strap to reduce pressure around the eyes. Previously awarded the Peak Performer Award from Triathlon Plus Magazine, Predator Flex Polarized Ultra swimming goggles are the perfect addition to your training kit.


Tri Radar’s Open Water Swimmer Says:

I’ve been wearing these for open water swimming over the last couple of months and I am struggling to do anything other than sing their praises. In lakes, rivers and the sea, these goggles have enabled me to perform at my best, enjoy training and when I was kicked in the face during a particularly ‘busy’ swim start, the stayed firmly in place, which is more than I can say for my nose!

The are easy to fit and once that’s sorted, they don’t budge. The seal is secure, without any discomfort around the eyes and absolutely no leaking, not even during the kicking incident. There’s no fogging up once you’ve indulged in the obligatory spit and having worn them during sunrise, sunset, in bright sunlight and during a hailstorm (just the once), there is no glare and the natural light isn’t dulled any more than when wearing a pair of sunglasses.

These goggles are highly recommended and something for you to consider adding to your open water kit.


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  • Overall: 5 out of 5
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  • Price: £30
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