We give our verdict on this new running jacket in our Saucony NMD jacket review.

saucony jacket


Making a jacket for running is quite a task; too minimal and it’s not worth the effort, too bulky and it risks entering ‘coat’ territory and not being worn. Saucony seem to have nailed a great halfway house between the two with their NMD zip-up jacket.

It’s light enough that you can wear it over a T-shirt, vest or a full-sleeve base layer without it becoming a burden. Saucony has achieved this by using a range of different weight fabrics to make it durable and weather resistant where it needs to be and light and flowing where it doesn’t. The NMD is windproof on the front and rainproof on the back, with mesh to help let the heat out.

The NMD is also lighter at the lower hem so that it’s free to move as you do, reducing the ‘coat’ feel. Add in some after-dark reflectivity and a couple of pockets to stash essentials and it’s easy to see why this is proving a popular jacket for all-weather runners this autumn.


A useful autumn jacket for those all-weather runners.


  • Overall: 3 out of 5
  • Price: £70
  • Contact: www.saucony.co.uk
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