We review the Snugs Soundmagic E10 running headphones.

snug earphones


For those of us who love to train with music, the search for good sound quality and slip-free fit seems never ending. Snugs might be the answer if you’ve got the money to invest. The company makes an impression of your ear and then makes earpieces to fit perfectly.

The process isn’t pleasant: foam is injected right into your ears to create the moulds. This can be done at a number of audiologists around the country or you can pay for the VIP service, where they’ll come to you. The company is working on a less intrusive computer modelling process at the moment.

You can choose to have the Snugs fitted on a range of high-quality earphones – the Soundmagic are the cheapest option – or have a set made for your own earphones for £127. Fitting them for the first time is fiddly but, once in, they stay put and are comfy.

They block out most sound so Snugs recommends downloading an Awareness phone app for safety if you plan to use them outdoors. In a gym they’re perfect for blocking out background music. As with all noise-cancelling headphones, they do tend to amplify the sound of your own heavy breathing and footsteps, but the sound quality of our test set was crisp and detailed.


  • Overall: 4 out of 5

Pros: Perfect for blocking out background music in the gym

Cons: The process for molding the earphone can annoying

  • Price: £167
  • Contact: snugsearphones.co.uk
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