Sweat Equity, by Jason Kelly, offers a fascinating insight into the world of endurance sport from an economic perspective.

As triathletes are renowned for spending money on training, equipment, coaching, events… the list goes on, this book really does offer a unique take on some of the well known brands within endurance, including Ironman.

Along with the business perspective, this book takes in to account the social change that has resulted in the growth in sports such as triathlon and in the wider context of endurance and adventure sport.

If you’re looking for a book that will expand your knowledge and understanding of the growth of endurance sport from a brand new perspective; you’ll thoroughly enjoy this. We definitely enjoyed it!



Book description on Amazon UK:

In a modern world filled with anxiety, pressure, and competition, a growing number of people are spending more time and money than ever before to soothe their minds and tone their bodies. An entire economy worth billions of dollars per year in apparel, gear, and entry fees has formed around their pursuit of wellness.

“Sweat Equity” charts the rise of the movement, through the eyes of competitors and the companies that serve them. The opportunity to run, swim, and crawl in the mud is resonating with more and more of us as sports once considered extreme become mainstream, Baby Boomers seek to stay fit, and Millennials search for meaning in a hyper-connected world.

Jason Kelly, whose seminal “The New Tycoons” unveiled the secretive and powerful world of private equity, turns his sights to the business of sweat. Through intimate, in-depth conversations with the men and women inside the most influential races and companies in the fitness-obsessed economy, you see firsthand how the movement is taking shape and where it’s headed. Every chapter unfolds in a dynamic narrative highlighted with behind-the-scenes insight and illuminating facts that reveal who these highly motivated, health-addicted people are and how much money is at stake.

Whether it’s the president of Motorola gutting out an Ironman ahead of the most important presentation of his corporate life, a marathon-running movie star looking for a new way to raise money for charity, or an injured former professional wrestler who discovers passion and profit in yoga, Kelly weaves together the stories of companies from Equinox to Lululemon.

Fresh faces enter the market every day to take a shot at becoming the next lasting trend, and this practical resource shares invaluable revelations about what’s a passing fancy and what’s a lasting trend. Whether you want to raise money for profit or charity, learn about like-minded people, or find an exciting market to invest in, “”Sweat Equity”” will thrill you and inspire you to take your next step.


  • Overall: 4-5 out of 5
  • Author: Jason Kelly
  • Price: RRP £23.99 (Hardback)
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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