The Garmin Forerunner 220 running watch tested, rated and reviewed.


Newly redesigned in a sleeker form, Garmin‘s successor to the Forerunner 210 features a colour screen that makes the older versions look as retro as a £5 Casio stopwatch.

Two customisable screens show three rows of data at once, including speed, pace, distance, time, heart rate and cadence – though you’re limited to six readouts without accessing the user-friendly settings, which could be a dealbreaker for on-the-move data junkies.

You can also set alerts for heart-rate zones, auto lap, pace and even run/walk. The watch is compatible with the supplied soft heart-rate strap and Garmin’s footpods – though it calculates cadence fairly well using an accelerometer, making it suitable for indoor use.

The watch links to Garmin’s smartphone app via Bluetooth to allow easy uploading too.

Out running, the 220 finds a GPS signal extremely quickly while the lightweight design is far from cumbersome. The screen is effortless to read and has a handy backlight for night running.

The in-built interval sessions (you can download more workouts and training plans from Garmin Connect) work brilliantly too. In a confidence-boosting touch, the watch also logs your personal bests and gives you a medal display after you beat one. The long 10-hour GPS battery time is also impressive.


  • Overall: 1 out of 5

Pros: Impressive10-hour GPS battery time.

Cons: Limited to six readouts without accessing the settings

  • Price: £249.99
  • Contact:
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