We give you the low-down on these night vision socks from Altura.

altura socks


Why an idea as simple as adding reflectivity to running socks has taken so long to reach us is a mystery, but we’re glad Altura figured it out. If you do your running in low light you’ll know that you can never be too visible to other pedestrians and especially motorists.

The Night Vision sock is constructed out of a bright yellow Coolmax yarn. Orange is also available, but the yellow is the one for us. The colour is bright enough to stand out on its own, but Altura have added a flash of reflective material across the rear of the sock cuff, though we’d have liked there to have been more, and there isn’t any on the front which is a shame.

The socks are thin with a reinforced toe and heel but no other padding or tech features. Added to the reflective found on most modern running shoes and clothing, the Night Vision socks are the final element in ensuring your nocturnal running safety.

Light, thin, fast-wicking socks with added low-light visibility .


  • Overall: 3 out of 5
  • Price: £9
  • Contact: www.zyro.co.uk
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