We put the new Bryton Cardio 60T triathlon watch to the test.

Bryton watch


Undercutting Garmin’s Forerunner 910XT by an impressive £70, the Bryton Cardio 60T multi-sport GPS watch comes with speed/cadence and heart-rate sensors and is packed with triathlon-friendly features.

Its running and cycling modes allow you to set up to four different screens to each display four different data displays.

In triathlon mode it’s a case of switching ‘transition’ on or off, but for swimming, it’s open-water only. You can set your own workouts, use some decent pre-programmed ones or download sessions from the BrytonBridge2 web portal.

The watch is intuitive to use and looks sleeker and is lighter than chunkier Garmin Forerunner models. Sixteen hours of battery life is enough for most Ironman races too. The Cardio 60T charges and uploads to the website via USB.

The BrytonBridge2 software is easy to use, provides plenty of numbers to crunch and even uploads direct to Strava with one click. Make sure that you connect to BrytonBridge before using the watch, though. We charged up and started using it without doing this and encountered frustrating glitches – lost GPS signal and incomplete route details.


  • Overall: 4 out of 5
  • Price: £259.99
  • Contact: brytonsport.com zyro.co.uk
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