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  • The Art of Complex Training

    The Art of Complex Training

    24th February 2017

    If you are looking to add power to your race, now is the time to start working out differently. Here’s how. Words: Michele Beltramo Images: Rosie Hallam.

  • Tri-ing Again

    Tri-ing Again

    3rd October 2016

    Written by our Digital Editor, Marie Yates. The experts say that it’s important to take a break after an Ironman. I crossed the finish line of Ironman Wales in 2013 so I think I’ve had enough of a break now.…

  • Plan your way to success?

    Plan your way to success?

    21st January 2016

    It might not make you sweat as much as a top turbo session but being organised and scheduling the coming six months could be the key to your new PB. Words: Phile Mosley, Pictures: Getty for Ironman

  • Step up to a 70.3: Part 2

    9th October 2015

    Part two of our guide to getting up to the standard of a 70.3 Strategies for success Planning is an essential component of Ironman 70.3. This is especially true for your nutrition and also your training. Here’s how best to prepare…

  • Crank up your pool training

    29th September 2015

    Sprint swimming is the key to improvement, says Bath Amphibians coach Ben Matthews When training for a fast swimming time, it’s important to train with high-intensity elements in every session. Even longer, slower sets should have a solid volume of increased resistance training using fins or hand paddles, or be…

  • Pick up your running pace

    8th September 2015

    Incorporate plyometric moves into your warm ups and they will allow you to run faster and reduce risk of injury, says Bath Amphibians coach Ben Matthews 1) Skips: This is a relaxed double hop on each foot, bringing your knee level with your…

  • Triathlon training plan: get your Olympic distance triathlon in the bag

    22nd June 2015

    Bust your PB wide open with triathlon coach Phil Mosley’s six week training plan… This six week training plan is designed to help you race your fastest Olympic distance triathlon (1.5k, 40k, 10k). It takes you up to race day and includes a one week taper into…

  • Race your first sprint triathlon training plan

    27th May 2015

    Fancy trying a tri? Well it’s not as hard as you think with coach Phil Mosley’s sprint triathlon training plan… This six week training plan is for anyone who’s aiming to complete their first sprint triathlon. It includes all the key workouts you’ll need, such as…

  • Brain training for swimmers triathlon training plan

    10th March 2015

    Boost your swim fitness and technique, while maintaining bike and run speed. By Phil Mosley. There is a saying in swimming: “It’s not about how many metres you do, but what you do with those metres”. With this in mind,…