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  • Boost bike power by 10 watts triathlon training plan

    1st March 2015

    Get set for spring with Phil Mosley’s bike-focussed sprint – and Olympic – distance triathlon plan… If you’re serious about improving your cycling, a power meter is a must. Over the last few years they’ve really come down in price,…

  • Build your fitness in 2015 triathlon training plan

    21st February 2015

    Build your training consistency and fitness ready for spring speedwork with this six-week plan… Winter can leave you in a tricky no-man’s-land when it comes to training. You might be sick to death of endless ‘base’ miles in the cold, but…

  • Swim Strong In Six Weeks Triathlon Training Plan

    29th December 2014

    Swim strong by combining swimming with resistance training to knock seconds off your 400m freestyle PB. This training plan is aimed at making you a stronger and faster swimmer, while maintaining your cycling and running fitness. It involves three swims…

  • Ride Faster In Just Six Weeks Triathlon Training Plan

    15th December 2014

    Use coach Phil Mosley’s bike-focused training plan to up your lactate threshold and ride harder. This triathlon training plan is aimed at making you a faster cyclist in six weeks. There are three rides per week, three runs and two…

  • Run Your Quickest 10K Ever Triathlon Training Plan

    5th December 2014

    After a long season of racing, it’s an ideal time to re-focus on running speed with this triathlon training plan. Get ready to run your quickest 10K ever! This triathlon plan is designed to help you set a new PB…