Triathlon Gear Reviews

  • Zefal Husky Track Pump Review

    1st September 2010

    This offering from Zefal has its faults but is a pump that could last you a lifetime… £59.99 Taking it all on its broad beech-wood shoulders is this retro, but ultra-reliable pump from Zefal. There are some things about…

  • Running Shoe Reviews: £75-£90

    1st September 2010

    We review these great mid-range running shoes. New Balance 905 £75 296g Towards the heavier end of the racing shoes spectrum, this is a more stable model than most. It has New Balance’s TS2 ‘transitional support system’ – basically…

  • Running Shoe Reviews: £100 Plus

    1st September 2010

    We review these high-end running shoes. Newton Distance £120 244g Running in a pair of Newtons is a bit like driving a French car: it feels very different to start with, but once you get used to it and…