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Triathlon Tips

  • How To Warm Up Before Running In Winter

    How To Warm Up Before Running In Winter

    29th December 2017

    Warm up before running over winter to avoid triathlon injuries sneaking up on you in the cold It’s freezing, it’s dark, you’re off for a run and you haven’t even warmed up properly. How are your poor muscles ever going…

  • Avoid Colds This Winter

    Avoid Colds This Winter

    27th December 2017

    Dr Tamsin Lewis gives us the low-down on how to avoid colds this winter. We’ve all been there. You wake up, feeling a bit groggy. Then the headache kicks in, your nose starts running and your muscles ache. Not only…

  • Alcohol: Will It Ruin My Race?

    Alcohol: Will It Ruin My Race?

    26th August 2017

    Nobody suggests that drinking to excess will improve your PB, but just how much does the occasional tipple affect your training? We all know there’s nothing like a cool pint after a hot bike ride or run. And for most…

  • How to make time your friend in triathlon

    28th July 2015

    Stay positive and maximise your busy schedule to create important marginal gains… Firstly, we know, it’s not your fault. Whether it’s a busy week at the office or you’ve got to ferry children around after school or perhaps a social plans you really don’t want to sacrifice,…

  • Run faster in three ways

    17th January 2015

    Take your running up a level by adding these classic interval sessions to your weekly programme. Although it might not be considered the most technical of the tri disciplines, running takes time to get used to. When you’re new to…

  • Master the Superman

    2nd January 2015

    Build your core strength and stabilise your body during swim/bike/running. 1. Get in line Start the Superman on all fours. The object of it is to perform the movement without shifting your weight to one side or the other so once…

  • Swim Strong In Six Weeks Triathlon Training Plan

    29th December 2014

    Swim strong by combining swimming with resistance training to knock seconds off your 400m freestyle PB. This training plan is aimed at making you a stronger and faster swimmer, while maintaining your cycling and running fitness. It involves three swims…

  • Run Stronger Without Running

    28th December 2014

    Use a break from running to run stronger with these five smart strategies. Whether you’re injured at the moment or just trying to stay indoors as much as you can, there’s plenty you can do to improve your running without…

  • How To Fly Through Transition

    12th October 2013

    Get off your bike and on to the run even quicker by following these simple steps Mark your spot  Use a brightly coloured or patterned towel to mark your spot in the transition area. Think hand rather than beach towel…

  • Ironman Veteran Mike Shaw Reveals His Top Tips

    1st August 2013

    11 time Ironman finisher Mike Shaw, sponsored athlete at Team Carbon Bikes, reveals his top training tips Mike Shaw reveals his top 11 tips he wish he’d known before doing an Ironman 1. Don’t overdo the taper. For the first few of…