Triathlon Training Plans

  • Review Your Triathlon Season

    19th October 2012

    Download our free triathlon season review plan to ask yourself the questions that will make next year your best ever. Autumn is a transitional period and for many multisport athletes it is an opportunity to recover from a tough season.…

  • 4 Weeks To A Stronger Spine

    10th October 2012

    Stop back pain from compromising your triathlon performance with this 4-week training plan from expert Emma Deakin. A strong, well-conditioned spine is a priority for any athlete looking to avoid back pain. But it’s especially important for triathletes in order…

  • Free Helen Jenkins Triple Dry Training Guide

    14th November 2011

    Helen Jenkins and Triple Dry bring you your perfect winter training partner to keep you fit and inspired this off-season. Get your free guide courtesy of Helen Jenkins and Triple Dry 2011 has been a massive year for Helen Jenkins.…