Triathlon Training

  • Tapering advice for Braveheart

    Tapering advice for Braveheart

    3rd September 2019

    If you’re doing the Ben Nevis Braveheart Triathlon on 14th September, here’s some advice on how to taper from Sean McFarlane to make sure you’re fresh for race day… With race day now less than two weeks (yes, two weeks!)…

  • Master your triathlon training

    Master your triathlon training

    5th June 2019

    Many triathletes suffer from being weak in one discipline or find that lack of time stops them from achieving their peak. Evie Serventi has some useful advice.  Want to improve at triathlon but finding one particular discipline more difficult than…

  • How to improve at triathlon

    How to improve at triathlon

    5th June 2019

    Triathlete and triathlon coach Helen Murray has six top tips on how to improve at triathlon and nail a personal best. Get a coach When I first got into the sport, I was totally clueless about training. I trained at…

  • The Importance Of The 30-Minute Training Window

    The Importance Of The 30-Minute Training Window

    22nd April 2019

    When in training for a triathlon, it’s essential to get your nutrition right in the 30-minutes after exercise, so you can feel the benefits in your next session. Your body will recover in time naturally after exercise, but speed is…

  • Incorporating Trail Running Into Your Tri Training Regime

    Incorporating Trail Running Into Your Tri Training Regime

    29th March 2019

    Written by Dan Chabert   Triathlon can easily and quickly become a complicated sport, with all the gear and the requisite number of training hours you should post before competing, but at their core, the sports that comprise triathlon are…

  • Fine-Tune Your Recovery

    Fine-Tune Your Recovery

    12th February 2019

    Cardiff Triathletes coach Patrick Lees reveals his top tips for maximising your training.

  • Over-Training: Avoid Burnout

    Over-Training: Avoid Burnout

    8th February 2019

    We’ve all heard the saying ‘No pain, no gain’, but is this really the best advice? Triathlon training is sometimes a tricky balance. Most of us know that in order to improve at triathlon, you need to train hard and…

  • How To Avoid Getting Colds & Viruses While Training

    How To Avoid Getting Colds & Viruses While Training

    17th January 2019

    How to use moderate training to boost immunity and reduce the risk of catching colds and viruses If your training has been blighted by colds and flu, there may be more than bad luck at play. Research shows that intense…

  • Avoid Colds This Winter

    Avoid Colds This Winter

    31st December 2018

    Dr Tamsin Lewis gives us the low-down on how to avoid colds this winter. We’ve all been there. You wake up, feeling a bit groggy. Then the headache kicks in, your nose starts running and your muscles ache. Not only…