This energy drink won two awards in issue 27 of Triathlon Plus – find out why.

Triathlon Reviews - SIS Go energy drinkSIS GO has long been a favourite energy drink among triathletes, but this new flavour offers something a bit different. While previous incarnations have been on the sweet side, the Green Tea and Lemon version has a much subtler taste. At first you might think it isn’t sweet enough, but during a long hot race it really comes into its own: after several hours of gagging on sticky gels and bars it tastes heaven sent. It mixes well and provides 42g of carbohydrate from fructose and maltodextrin, as well as electrolytes to aid hydration. The perfect energy drink if you struggle with too much sweetness.


Subtle tasting energy drink for triathletes without a sweet tooth.

Performance 5/5

Value 5/5

Overall 5/5


Triathlon Plus Peak Performer Award: issue 27

Triathlon Plus Top Value Award: issue 27