Mix up your training with this selection of non-run sessions to improve fitness, strength and range of motion…


1. Resistance training

Have a coach set you a short session to do once or twice a week to build functional strength for running. All you’ll need is your own body weight and perhaps a couple of dumbbells and with simple exercises you can improve your strength for running.

2. Pilates

Most of us aim to do some core strength work but just don’t get round to it. Attending a Pilates class regularly will not only force you to work on the muscles that help stabilise you during runs, but will benefit your swimming and cycling, too.

3. Yoga

There’s much debate about whether stretching is good for runners, but as a targeted dynamic stretching workout, you can’t beat yoga. You don’t need to do heated or power yoga – your triathlon keeps your weight down and gets you fit – just go for a gentle class that will gradually improve your range of motion.

4. Hiking

When you’re new to running especially, you can help building endurance and conditioning for running by doing long hikes on soft ground.

5. Plyometrics

Jumping and bounding exercises improve the power output of your running muscles, making you faster. Ask a running coach to set you a session that might include squat jumps, standing long jumps and bunny hops – great fun and really effective.

Words: Elizabeth Hufton