We’ve put together five tips to help you stay in love with your running training…

5 ways to misery-proof your run

1. Sort your gait out

OK, so some people really are naturally better runners, and that’s down to biomechanics. Have a running assessment with a physio to check for areas of weakness; they will be able to prescribe functional strength exercises that will help you avoid injury.

2. Drop the watch

For one session a week, take yourself to somewhere beautiful and run without a watch. Just enjoy the setting and the uncomplicated joy of pushing yourself forwards. Learn to associate running with relaxation and tune into your body.

3. Drop your weight

If you’re carrying extra weight, you’ll really feel it on the run and this could be contributing to muscle soreness and joint pain. There’s no need to follow a drastic diet, just make sure you cut out rubbish and train well.

4. Find good shoes

Go to a specialist tri or run shop and get advice on the best shoes for you. Shoes that feel “OK” might not do so after thousands of steps, so you need to make sure you get this right.

5. Find company

Running with someone who loves running could be all you need to start feeling better about it. Join a club, find informal groups through your local running shop, or just ask around among friends to find a running buddy.

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