Autumn is the perfect time for triathletes to try something new, so get on your bike…

Planning your autumn bike training isn’t always easy. With so many months to go before you race again it can be tricky to achieve the right balance of training and resting. We all want to recover at the end of a season, but we don’t want to lose our hard earned fitness either. If you’ve had a consistent season with few interruptions then by November you can cut right back on the volume of training and focus on ‘sharpening up’ and not becoming stale or over-trained.

Less Quantity, More Quality

Have confidence in the fitness you already have. Instead of riding for miles and miles, use very short and intense bike sessions such as 6x1min hard with 5mins easy recoveries. These efforts work best when they are ridden on a flat road, which leads to a steep hill so that half is on the flat and half is on the slope. They should be ridden flat out, and that way they should sharpen the form you have already built up.

Triathlon Cycling - Autumn TrainingSprint For Signs

Autumn can be a time when it’s hard to get out and train properly. Try and train with a group to make things more interesting. You must be careful about traffic conditions but it’s an enjoyable way of shocking your legs into doing something different.

Put Your Feet Up

Autumn isn’t always about training. Make sure you take a rest week to chill out and catch up with your friends. Why not get to know your training buddies without Lycra on?


1 Ride For Pleasure

Simply use your bike to explore the area. Turn down that road that you’ve always ridden past and forget about training for a while.

2 Get A Sports Massage

If you’ve not had one all season then now is the time to iron out those niggles. Pros are lucky enough to get one after every single race and hard training session.

3 Rest Up

Most triathletes train hard all year round and would be shocked to hear that many pro cyclists still live by the adage of “one rest day a week, one rest week a month and one rest month a year”. That month off at the end of the season will give you something to look forward to.

4 Get Some Stimulation

Electrostimulators are the ‘in’ gadget of the pro cycling world. It’s a handheld machine that sends electrical pulses into your muscles via electrode pads so the muscle contracts rhythmically. They aid blood flow and encourage quicker recovery. They’re good between races when you can’t do a recovery training session.