Our coaches at Cardiff Triathletes firmly believe in the benefits of incorporating high-intensity cycling sessions into our training routines to maximise cycling potential. While we’d all rather be out on the road, unfortunately British weather doesn’t allow for that all year round, but there’s still important gains to be made.

Wednesday evenings are dedicated to specific sessions that focus on cadence and short power intervals. Our sessions are certainly not dull and working together in groups with music and using videos makes it all the more enjoyable.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions can be completed in shorter periods of time, and you get maximum returns for your effort. This enables you to condense the training and spend more time with family.

Cardiff Triathletes’ set-up

We are lucky to have Elite Fitness working with us, a small out-oftown gym with excellent facilities. They provide us with one room complete with spin bikes, interval videos and a large projection screen complete with disco lights.

The other room is where Turbo Dan operates, club members arrive with their own bicycles and turbo trainers ready to be put through their paces at high levels of intensity.

What is HIIT?

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training and is a style of exercise that involves alternating short periods of intense effort with less-intense recovery periods. This intensity gives the athlete a cardiovascular workout that would otherwise take longer to achieve at lower “normal” intensities.

Benefits of Indoor Training

Intensity: It allows you to work more intensely than you would on the road.

Measurability: You can see real measurable gains and record the data.

Efficiency: Help you to focus on your pedal strokes and minimise dead zones.

Specificity: Training sessions can be really specific, even replicating portions of an upcoming race.

Diversity: Variety is important, because one size does not fit all. Structured sessions help to alleviate the monotony so often associated with sitting on an indoor bike.

Pyramid HIIT session

Warm Up

10 min (with 1 min time trial efforts at 4:00 and 7:00)

Main Set

1 min sprint, 1 min off

45 sec sprint, 45 sec off

30 sec sprint, 30 sec off

15 sec sprint, 15 sec off

30 sec sprint, 30 sec off

45 sec sprint, 45 sec off

1 min sprint, 3 min recovery, easy pedal

Repeat x3

Cool Down

5 min steady