• Be Part Of The Tour Of Britain With Bkool

    Be Part Of The Tour Of Britain With Bkool

    31st August 2018

    Ahead of the homecoming for Tour de France winner Geraint Thomas, Bkool is giving fans the chance to ride the same roads as the pros, ahead of the action unfolding at the Tour of Britain on Sunday. As the pros…

  • Boost Your Indoor Intensity

    Boost Your Indoor Intensity

    8th November 2017

    Cardiff Triathletes’ Claire Manson encourages you to embrace the great indoors this winter.

  • Cyclists Go Vegan In ‘Meat Free Athlete’ Challenge

    Cyclists Go Vegan In ‘Meat Free Athlete’ Challenge

    26th October 2017

    Over 500,000 people in the UK are now vegan, more than three times as many as 10 years ago. A notable addition to the ever-increasing group of vegans is British Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton who cited a powerful documentary…

  • Hill Climbing Made Easy

    Hill Climbing Made Easy

    28th August 2017

    Will sitting or standing generate the most power when cycling up a hill? We investigate… It’s something we’ve all asked ourselves at the foot of yet another seemingly endless climb – should we sit or should we stand-up? And yet…

  • Elite Duathlete Ben Price Takes On Mount Ventoux

    Elite Duathlete Ben Price Takes On Mount Ventoux

    11th August 2017

    Yesterday was one of those great days. My family, friends and I are camping near Vaison la Romaine, 10km or so from Malaucene. Mount Ventoux is towering over us – you often see cycling enthusiasts slowing to a stop on…

  • Direct Power Cycling Team

    Direct Power Cycling Team

    28th March 2017

    Direct Power is an exciting new amateur cycling team led and sponsored by award winning British Cycling Level 3 coach Pav Bryan. The team has riders representing them from across the UK and abroad.  All riders are welcome from those…

  • MYCYCLING™: Transform Your Performance

    MYCYCLING™: Transform Your Performance

    16th February 2017

    Technogym launches MYCYCLING™, their new home training solution. MYCYCLING™ combines a hi-tech smart trainer, a native app with personalised programmes, and a network of professional coaches able to guide you and develop a tailor-made training programme for you. It also…

  • Save Your Legs

    Save Your Legs

    24th December 2016

    Phil Mosley explains simple ways to help you run faster at your next triathlon. Let’s face it, nobody enters triathlons because they’re easy. We all accept it’s a tough sport and that aching legs are to be expected. At the…