• Cycling Jargon: Learn The Lingo

    1st September 2010

    Understand the language of cycling with our guide to some commonly used phrases… Turn up to any group ride this autumn and you may be left wondering what on earth people are talking about. Cycling has developed its own language…

  • Autumn Bike Training: Try Something Different

    1st September 2010

    Autumn is the perfect time for triathletes to try something new, so get on your bike… Planning your autumn bike training isn’t always easy. With so many months to go before you race again it can be tricky to achieve…

  • Cycling: Five Common Mistakes

    31st August 2010

    Fix these five simple faults and you’ll shave seconds off your bike split in no time at all… It can be frustrating when you’ve put in lots of miles on the bike but end up with a slower bike split…