emma palentEmma Pallant, Team GB triathlete, shares her top training tips ahead of her appearance at the 26th edition of the Windsor Triathlon.

Inspired by the Greek phrase TOLMAO, which means “to dare, endure and be bold”, Emma reveals advice for the best possible preparation.

Time it – The best time to start training for next season is during the winter, this gives you plenty of time to build up slowly so prevents injury and promotes a healthy lifestyle in a time of the year where many find it harder stay active

Overcome personal constraints – Get a personal coach.  At Team Dillon we have strong, individual relationships with each coach. No training plan is the same and therefore the training is manageable because it is fitted in around the persons working, social and family life. Training enhances your health and quality of life rather than being an additional stress.

Love it – Training should also be fun! It is easy to make triathlon training effective and fun at the same time because there is so much variation to it, this makes it a long term investment in your health and it can be a pretty addictive sport when you get it right.

Master it – Book in some technique sessions on the swim, bike and run when you get started as sloppy technique and even small errors in form all add up when you start increasing the miles. This is what can cause injury and lead to inconsistent training.

Aim it – Have goals and events to keep you motivated. Booking in a big race like Windsor Triathlon focuses your training to target. Smaller races in the lead up will also help periodise training and make sure you don’t over-train.

Obliterate key sessions – Without a specific training programme many people will end up just doing a lot of miles, many of which can just take out from the quality of key sessions. You always need to be able to train every now and then above race pace, so it will be instinct to do the same on race day.

Entries are now open for the 26th edition of the Windsor Triathlon which takes place on 12 June 2016.

Join Emma and a host of elites and amateur triathletes at the 2016 event by securing your place at http://humanrace.co.uk/triathlon.

Still hungry for more competition? Sign up for our Ben Nevis Tri event, taking place Friday 2 October.