Did you know we have over 60+ Free Triathlon Training Plans from some of the sport’s best coaches?

All of our training plans are simple downloadable PDFs with easy to follow instructions.

Click on the distance you want below for a selection of free triathlon training plans, we have plans for beginner, intermediate, speed boosters and plans to help you gain age group qualification.

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We also have free training plans to cover multisport and individual disciplines so if you are looking to improve one of the 3 triathlon disciplines we have a programme to help you, or you may just be interested in a single sport.

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One of the best ways to improve in the sport is to follow a dedicated training plan, structured training can really help you manage the training load of training, manage your time but also create workouts with a specific goal of allowing you to be at your best on race day. The plans are really simple to follow. Take a look today and start structuring your training for your next race.