Being part of a training group will provide more than just performance benefits, there’s a wealth of knowledge and support too, says Berkshire Tri Squad coach Ed Nunn

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In my experience one of the best things about joining a club is getting to train with others. Whether you’re a newbie to triathlon or an experienced racer, joining your local club will be one of the most fulfilling and worthwhile things you can do as a triathlete. There are numerous training and social benefits, so here are my top reasons to get involved today.

Make friends

Aside from the general motivation of knowing you’re letting others down by turning up late or dropping out of a session last minute even if it is pouring with rain, it’s also a great way of finding the time to hang out with your mates. You will make friends in any club because no matter how different your lives are you all have one thing in common – a love of triathlon!

Meet skilled athletes

The great thing with triathlon is people tend to come to the sport from different disciplines, which means if you take three people in a race with exactly the same finish time, their splits are likely to be completely different, reflecting their strengths and weaknesses.

So whatever yours are, there will always be someone you can learn from or test yourself against.

Stay on your toes

The benefits of joining a club aren’t just for newbies, but also for the current members too. Often when new members come into the club, they shake up the status quo. Not only do they bring new knowledge to the group but they can challenge old hands.

For example, someone who might have been resting on their laurels may suddenly find the newcomer leaving them for dust, encouraging them to pick up their game.

Structure and training

Good clubs have a strong coaching structure, which helps any triathlete improve. Training plans provide balance and phasing to drive consistent improvement. It also means you also have constant access to experts with the knowledge to provide constructive feedback on poor technique, accelerating your improvement.

There’s a wealth of experience

You’ll find a huge range of people from those in their first season giving tri a go through to Kona qualifiers and age group world champions as well as every level in between. Between them if there is something they can’t help you with, then they’ll know someone who can.

Get your membership now

  • Getting faster at triathlon is about minimising your weaknesses and maximising your strengths. Training with others regularly makes your weaknesses obvious so you can easily identify and work on them.
  • Training each week gives you a chance to track your performance against real people. Watching others and getting tips from them will help you improve far more quickly than trial and error on your own.
  • You’ll quickly notice yourself moving forward in your lane at swimming or pace group in running and bike sessions if you keep striving forward. It’s always fantastic when you reach those intra-club milestones and keeps you motivated to do more.

Don’t worry if you’re not the fastest or most experienced triathlete. The majority of clubs have a range of levels.

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