Our free Ironman 70.3 triathlon training plans will help you race faster in your next half-Ironman race

Free Triathlon Training Plans from TriRadar

Ironman 70.3 triathlons can be seriously tough; the 1.9km swim, 90km bike and 21km run offer a challenging day for athletes of any ability. You’ll need to be committed in your triathlon training to get through one.

The triathlon training plans below are designed for Ironman 70.3 and cater for different abilities, with the number of weeks and existing fitness listed for each plan.

Click on the links below to download the plans.

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Race Your First Ironman 70.3 Training Plan

Master middle-distance with this 70.3 training plan to build strength and fitness. View the Race Your First 70.3 plan.

  • Weeks: 12
  • Time: 7-10 hours / 9-13 hours
  • Existing fitness: Swim 1000m non-stop; bike 1:30 non-stop, run 1 hour non-stop
  • Author: Phil Mosley – Triathlon Plus and TriRadar coaching editor and elite athlete

Get Your Cycling In Gear Training Plan

This triathlon bike training plan will help you to improve your core cycling strength, speed and technique. View the Get Your Cycling In Gear plan.

  • Weeks: 4
  • Time: 5-7 hours / 7-10 hours
  • Existing fitness: Bike 1:30 non-stop
  • Author: Doug Hall – Elite triathlete and coach

Your Best Ever Ironman 70.3 Training Plan

Smash your personal best with this half-Ironman training plan to get you to the line faster in your next 70.3. View the Your Best Ever 70.3 plan.

  • Weeks: 12
  • Difficulty: Get round / Race hard
  • Existing fitness: Swim 1000m non-stop; bike 1:30 non-stop, run 1 hour non-stop
  • Author: Doug Hall – Elite triathlete and coach

Boost Your Open Water Swimming Plan

This Ironman 70.3 swimming plan is designed to prepare you for open water races, helping you get to T1 first! View the Boost Your Open Water Swimming Plan.

  • Weeks: 4
  • Time: 6 hours / 10 hours
  • Existing fitness: Swim 750m non-stop, bike 2 hours non-stop, run 30mins non-stop
  • Author: Doug Hall – Elite triathlete and coach

Improve Triathlon Swimming Training Plan

This triathlon swimming training plan will help you increase your swim speed to go faster in your next triathlon. The four-week plan is split into two sections for those swimming 1.5-3km per session and swimmers targeting 2.5-4km per session. View the Blitz Your Swimming Plan.

  • Weeks: 4
  • Existing fitness: Swim 1.5km with rests
  • Author: Doug Hall – Elite triathlete and coach

Ironman 70.3 Base Period Training Plan

This 6-week off-season Ironman 70.3 training plan will help you build consistency and fitness. View the Ironman 70.3 Base Period Training Plan.

  • Weeks: 6
  • Existing fitness: Cycle 90mins, Run 45mins, Swim 800m
  • Level: Intermediate to advanced
  • Author: Phil Mosley – Triathlon Plus and TriRadar coaching editor and elite athlete

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