Get off your bike and on to the run even quicker by following these simple steps

How to blitz transitionMark your spot 

Use a brightly coloured or patterned towel to mark your spot in the transition area. Think hand rather than beach towel though, to keep your area compact.

Prep your shoes

It’s impossible to slide damp feet into trainers quickly. However, sprinkle some talcum powder into them before the race and they should slide on without a hitch. Instead of trying to tie normal laces in a hurry, use elastic laces or lace locks. Make sure to test them before race day, though. If they’re too loose, your foot will slide about and you’ll get blisters. Too tight, and they’ll hurt.

Don’t be too hasty 

Once you’ve run into transition and found your spot, make sure to rack your bike securely before you unclip your helmet – if you don’t, you’ll incur a two-minute penalty.

Fuel up now

When your helmet is off, remove your cycling shoes and take on some energy drink or gel – you’ll need it to power you round the run.

Pull your socks up

If you decide to go sockless, make sure you use plenty of Bodyglide or Vaseline on your feet and on the seams of your running shoes to keep blisters at bay. This approach won’t work for everyone though – if you’re a newbie or blister-prone, the extra 10 seconds spent putting on socks in T2 will be worth it for a more comfortable run.

Open wide

Now to pull your trainers on: use the loops or tabs on the heel and tongue to pull the opening of your run shoes as wide as possible so you can slip your feet in quickly. Stand up, push your heels down and you’re ready to go.

Switch your number

In most races, you’ll be told to wear your number on your back for the bike leg and on your front for the run. The simplest thing to do is pin it to a race belt. As you run towards the exit in T2, remember to swivel the belt round so your number is now on your front and you’re ready to blast to the finish.