Core and flexibility coach Leanne Garner reveals her top dynamic stretches to
warm you up for each training session.


These five lunges activate the glutes and core as well as stretch the hip flexors. Perform five each side.

Forward Lungecrew routine 1

Start with feet shoulder width apart. Step into a lunge with one leg, then move the body downwards until the knee nearly touches the ground.

Ensure the front knee does not move forward past the point of the toes.

Step back. Alternate legs.

Forward Lunge with Twist

crew routine 2

As before, but as you step forward extend both arms in front of you, then twist them together to side of leading leg. Alternate sides.

Side Lunge

crew routine 4

Step into lunge position to the side of your body. Rotate the leading foot outwards to stretch the inner thigh. Step back to start position. Alternate sides.

Back and Side

crew routine 3

As with the side lunge, but step back and to the side in a diagonal plane. Your back leg should remain almost straight, and the leading foot should rotate outwards. Alternate sides.

Reverse Lunge

crew routine 5

Step backwards into lunge position, then sink body downwards until knee nearly touches the ground. Step back to start position. Alternate legs.