Save vital seconds in transition by following these seven simple steps to removing your wetsuit

How to remove your wetsuit quickly in transition1 Stand up, get steady
When you come out of the water, you’ll be dizzy. Take a second to get your bearings and get your breath back.

2 Goggles up
Push your goggles up so you can see, but don’t pull them off just yet – you’re going to need both hands.

 3 Arms out
Start running towards transition (the swim-to-bike transition is known as T1). As you go, pull the zip of your wetsuit down and yank your arms out of your wetsuit. At this stage pull your hat and goggles off. Some athletes like to remove their cap and goggles just before pulling their arms out, then leave them in the sleeve of the wetsuit for later.

4 Wetsuit down to the hips
Still running, pull your wetsuit down to your hips. It should fold down naturally without getting in your way too much. This should leave your legs free to sprint up to your bike.

5 Reach your bike
Drop kit you don’t need back in your box or area by your bike. Take a swig of energy drink now – it’ll help you focus and wash your mouth out.

6 Wetsuit to calves
In one forceful movement, pull your wetsuit down as far as it’ll go. Do this quickly – once water drains out of the suit, it becomes harder to get off.

7 Release your feet
This is the tricky bit. Before your race you should have lubricated your shins, calves and ankles with wetsuit lube or Vaseline. Now you have to get your feet out. Hold on to the racking and stand on your wetsuit, yanking the other foot up and out. You may have to hook a thumb in to release your heels. Cutting your wetsuit slightly shorter on the legs can make this easier.