• How To Know When An Injury Is Serious

    How To Know When An Injury Is Serious

    17th April 2017

    Triathlon injuries can be hard to fathom. We all have the odd twinge, but how do we know if it’s something or nothing? Illustration: Peter Greenwood Anyone who has ever squirmed into a wetsuit, sat on a bike or pulled…

  • The Triathlete’s Guide to Yoga

    The Triathlete’s Guide to Yoga

    15th March 2017

    How do you relax after a cycling session? A hot bath? An ice bath? Or do you just collapse into bed? Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years, but it is not the sole preserve of extremely flexible people…

  • Save Your Legs

    Save Your Legs

    24th December 2016

    Phil Mosley explains simple ways to help you run faster at your next triathlon. Let’s face it, nobody enters triathlons because they’re easy. We all accept it’s a tough sport and that aching legs are to be expected. At the…

  • 3 Training Tips for Athletes with Joint Pain

    3 Training Tips for Athletes with Joint Pain

    11th December 2016

    Written by Jessica Thiefels   A shocking amount of people experience joint pain in their wrist, knees, elbows and more. In fact: As many as 10 million people experience pain from Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. (UpstateOA) An estimated 52.5 million people…

  • Kickstart your recovery with WellbriX

    Kickstart your recovery with WellbriX

    30th April 2016

    WellbriX is a portable deep tissue trigger point massage which aims to keep you supple and injury free. Written by: Dr Caroline Keddie, founder of WellbriX Repetitive actions in any form cause muscles to tighten overtime by forming knot like…

  • Correct: Cyclists neck

    1st October 2015

    Follow Six Physio Clinic director Rachel Whittaker’s advice to solve this common cycling pain suffered by triathletes What is it? The main areas worked when cycling are the powerful gluteal group, the quadriceps and the hamstrings but the most susceptible areas to injury are…

  • Strength and conditioning

    24th September 2015

    It’s not much but what you do – Time to integrate some quality strength and conditioning into your training, says Bath Amphibians coach Ben Matthews As with most endurance sports, there are significant performance gains to be had when you integrate a gym or core training…

  • Runner’s Knee – Treatment And Prevention

    15th May 2014

    Runner’s Knee, or IT Band Syndrome, is one of the most common running injuries, but it’s treatable and preventable. Here’s how Runner’s knee can be a frustrating, chronic problem, so seek treatment quick when it appears (Illustration: Peter Greenwood) Repeated…

  • How To Prevent Runner’s Trots

    11th May 2014

    Avoid the dreaded runner’s trots with the right prevention and you’ll fly on the run One of running’s most embarassing ailments, the runner’s trots have unstuck many an Ironman attempt (Illustration: Peter Greenwood) Runner’s trots (diarrhoea while running) can be…