Our Ironman Countdown Training Plan will help you get your physical, mental and logistical preparations just right, says Triathlon Plus and triradar.com editor Elizabeth Hufton.

Get ready for your mass start with our countdown plan

The final few weeks before a long-distance race are often a blur of last-minute travel checks, squeezing in extra hours at work so you can take time off without worrying, and sporadic, high-mileage training sessions as you begin to panic about missed workouts and lack of fitness. It’s hardly the ideal way to approach the toughest challenge of your racing career.

Some coaches and athletes would argue that it doesn’t really matter what training you do in the last two weeks before your race. It certainly matters less than the preceding few months of training, but what you do in that final fortnight will keep your body ticking over and your mind focused on the task ahead.

It’s true that this is no time to start ‘making up the miles’ if you’ve missed a few long sessions. You can’t gain much endurance in a two-week period, but a look over your training diary or a chat with your training partners should reassure you that you’ve done a higher volume of training than you think. With that in mind, cut down the hours just before your race, but keep up some of your intensity. That will help remind your body what it has to do on race day, as well as burning off some of your nervous energy.

Training aside, there are plenty of logistical challenges to consider. Make sure you’ve read the race guidelines thoroughly, completed all the necessary stages of registration, got everything you need to pick up your number, and when you’re packing, remember to take the most important thing: your bike!

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