Caroline & Justin Hattee are passionate triathletes, parents and coaches. Having launched a kids tri club (Ketton Panthers) about 6 years ago, several parents asked if they could recommend a triathlon book for kids. When they couldn’t find one they decided to write one.

Written for young triathletes, with sections for parents, it is the perfect guide to not only get them started but to develop their love of the sport with sound knowledge and advice.

Vicky Holland (Olympic Bronze medallist and World Champion) has written the Foreword and says “This book should be the go-to manual for young, aspiring triathletes and their parents. Jam-packed with tips, tricks and advice for all levels of athlete, it’s perfect for the newcomer, the slightly more established youngster wanting to research a bit more or the parent trying to figure out how to best support their child(ren).”

Kids Triathlon BookThis is the essential guide to kids’ triathlon, covering everything from rules, fun training ideas, and ‘snot management’ through to race tactics, mental strength and technical training advice.

  • Kids: If you’ve ever considered entering a triathlon or just enjoy swimming, cycling or running, this book is for you. If you are a complete beginner, it will steer you through the basics and give you the confidence to enter your first triathlon race. If you’ve raced before, our advanced training ideas and ‘tri hacks’ will help you improve and reach your potential. Better still, it will give you the knowledge to stay one step ahead of your parents!
  • Parents: Whilst this is essentially a book for kids, we’ve included numerous ‘parents’ sections providing further background and advice. Ultimately though, our aim is to empower your young triathlete. We hope they’ll be inspired to develop a love of swimming, cycling and running that will last them their lifetime.

Our review:

We have read this book from cover to cover and it’s a book that we wish was available, many moons ago, when we started in triathlon. It’s accessible to young people, without oversimplifying and the supporting images of young people training and competing ensures that the reader knows this is a sport that is open to them. The overarching message for young people is ‘Just have fun to start with. Don’t put any pressure on yourself,’ which is something we can all learn from. Taking young athletes through the early stages, into development and offering support in every aspect of the sport, this book could be the catalyst to encouraging the triathlon stars of the future. For parents and coaches, working with young triathletes, you will love this book and for young people ready to start, or take the next step, in the sport, we can’t recommend this highly enough!

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