Slash your half-Iron run PB in six weeks with coach Phil Mosley’s training plan…

Knock minutes off your 70.3 run triathlon training plan

This six week plan will help you run your best ever half-marathon at the end of an Ironman 70.3. It will train you to cope better with the intensity and distance involved in the 21.1km run, while keeping you in shape for the swim and cycle. But success at 70.3 is about more than fitness. The two main factors that will influence your race are race fitness and pacing.

Research conducted on Ironman 70.3 race data indicates that the ideal cycle power output for age-groupers is between 75 and 83% of your one-hour time trial power. If you use our Training Zones (below) this would mean riding at the low end of Zone 3. This will feel surprisingly easy for at least the first 20 miles. You’ll have to be mentally strong by ignoring anyone who zooms past you at the start – you’ll catch them on the run. Clever bike pacing will set you up for a great run.

The two key run sessions here are the cruise intervals on a Tuesday and a 5k race on the Saturday (see for free events). The cruise intervals should be done at your approximate 10-mile race pace. These sessions will improve your ability to run efficiently, as well as toughening up your legs up so that you can handle 13.1 miles in a race.

The other key run session, a 5km race, is a competitive and fun way to improve your basic speed. If you can’t make the Saturday races there is an interval session instead.

As for cycling, there are two midweek indoor workouts. The first is a strength session, riding in a big gear at a low cadence to develop specific leg strength. The other is a sweetspot session, riding at 86-92% of your one-hour time trial power output. If you’re using our Training Zones (see below) it would be upper Zone 3 to low Zone 4. This is an ideal way to improve your power for an Ironman 70.3 without leaving you exhausted for days afterwards.

There’s a Key left that describes any acronyms we’ve used. There’s also a Training Zones table that you’ll need to look at, as all the sessions are based on heart rate or perceived exertion. Listen to your body, and if you feel too fatigued or sore, take two days off then reassess before you resume training.

Is this plan for you?

Goal: Improve your Ironman 70.3 run time

Timescale: 6 weeks

Start point: Swim 2km (non-stop), Cycle 2hr 30mins, Run 1hr

Level: Intermediate

Training zones guide

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