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The Triathlon Plus team prepare for their relay at the London Triathlon.

Art editor, Rob Moxon will take on the 10km run at the London Triathlon. Rob is now into week three of his training plan set by Phil Mosley.

Rob Moxon:

“At the moment I’m running 3 or 4 times per week, up to a maximum of 5km each time. The runs feel a bit of a struggle, and I’m not that confident about running any further. I ran with a colleague recently and he gave me some technique pointers, which helped. My nutrition is shocking as I eat sporadically and occasionally miss meals, so I’d like to know what to do to improve.”

Coach Mosley says:

The biggest challenge Rob will face between now and the London Triathlon in six weeks time is injury avoidance. Within a relatively short amount of time he needs to double the distance he can currently run without over-stressing his muscles and joints. To do this I’ve suggested four things:

  1. He should progress his running distances very carefully, which in this six-week time frame should equate to around 1km extra per week.
  1. He needs to keep a check on his running intensity using a heart rate monitor, to ensure that he doesn’t permanently go “flat out”. He should stick to the heart rates I’ve set, even if it sometimes means walking for a while. I’ve prescribed a variety of sessions, including high intensity repetitions with rest intervals, as well as easier, longer runs. This should reduce his injury risk, while ensuring his fitness improves in the shortest time possible.
  1. I’d like Rob to do one or two of his runs off-road, be it on a treadmill or on trails or grass. This will alter the stresses on his legs, which should reduce his likelihood of injury.
  1. Rob needs to be more aware of the relationship between good nutrition and running performance. I’ve suggested he eats a meal about three hours before he runs, to give him enough carbohydrate energy. He should also eat within an hour after training, be it a snack or a meal. Otherwise his body will struggle to adapt to the training he’s doing, and he won’t improve sufficiently within the 6-week time frame.

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