Master the Superman 2

Build your core strength and stabilise your body during swim/bike/running.

1. Get in line

Start the Superman on all fours. The object of it is to perform the movement without shifting your weight to one side or the other so once you’re on all fours, make sure you’re lined up nicely with your knees hip-width apart and directly below your hips, and hands directly below your shoulders.

2. Pull in your core

You’re aiming to harness your core strength, using the deep muscles in your abdomen and back, during this exercise. Draw in your stomach and brace your core – make sure you’re still breathing naturally as it’s easy to end up holding your breath by accident. Keep your spine in neutral: using a mirror can be helpful for this but you can also find your neutral position by trying out both extremes: arching your back then curving it the other way, before settling in the middle. In this exercise you’re more likely to end up curving your back too much, so imagine tilting your pelvis slightly if you feel pressure your lower back. 

3. Go with the float

Once you’re settled in position, take a deep breath in and, as you exhale, ‘float’ your left leg and right arm up until both are just about straight and are level with your back. Your neck should be quite relaxed: don’t strain to look up or to tuck your chin under. Make sure your limbs move slowly. 

4. Check yourself

At first most people will either stop bracing their core as they move their limbs, or will shift weight to the supporting limbs automatically. That makes the move feel easy. Done correctly, you might even find you’re shaking with the effort of this simple move. Lower your limbs slowly and repeat on the other side. If you lose form, stop the exercise…

Words Elizabeth Hufton