Bike strong 4-week triathlon training programme now available for free download

Bike Strong 4 Week Training Plan

Bike Strong 4 Week Training Plan

For many triathletes, cycling is the discipline that holds the most untapped potential for improvement. During a triathlon you spend more time on the bike than you do running or swimming so it makes sense to devote plenty of time and effort into training.

Cycling isn’t limited by injuries or muscle soreness like running is, or by technique and flexibility issues like swimming, so there’s a direct correlation between training and race performance. You get out what you put in. This is why pro cyclists train for five or six hours per day and how they cope with three weeks of intense racing during the Tour de France. If professional runners could train for six hours per day, they would. It’s why the likes of 5,000m World Champion Mo Farah train on an underwater treadmill, in an attempt to squeeze in more specific aerobic conditioning than their competitors without making their legs sore.

Cycling is a non-weight bearing and non-impact sport, so you can be on the bike for longer without risking excessive fatigue and muscle damage. Thankfully you don’t need to train like a pro cyclist in order to improve. You can still fit your triathlon training around your job, family and anything else you have on your plate. But you do need to make cycling your training focus for at least a month, and be prepared for your swim and run performances to stay static during that time. Sometimes it’s better to improve significantly in one discipline than it is to plateau in all three.

So to help transform you into a stronger cyclist there are two four-week plans to choose from – one takes around six hours per week and the other takes 11. Pick whichever one you can cope with best, depending on your experience, fitness and spare time. Both of them are suitable for triathlon distances up to Ironman 70.3. Or you can borrow elements of both plans and use your common sense to construct your own schedule, while making sure you don’t give yourself too many consecutive hard days.

Finally make sure you use the Training Zones and Key, so that you do everything right first time around, rather than having to learn from mistakes.

Download the Bike Strong 4-Week Training Plan.

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